The not so Near Närcon

Hi, my name is Jeff. I love anime, manga, memes and Japanese music in general. I see myself as a regular Otaku, but after a certain event in Sweden, that may have to change. It has pretty much gone three weeks since Närcon summer 2019 ended. Even though the event kinda started slow for me, lots of great memories were made. Especially during Saturday where I just won, won and won!

Before I get started on ”the-saturday-of-wins”, I just have to mention friday evening, the day before. So this was the second time I attended the event, as Närcon summer last year left a huge impression on me and I just had to relieve the hype. Up to the event of Friday however, that feeling just wasn’t there. I mean besides the familiar faces, people with awesome cosplays, the atmosphere, shops and activities were all in one place. It may or may not have to do with the extra unluck I’ve experienced the past few months, which in turn affected my initial experience of this convention. So what happened?

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